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About us

About us


Everything we do has to meet its functional objectives.

The Integra Group is a company familiar with today’s modern needs, which has been in business since 1994. The company is focused on design, construction, furnishing and equipping and on-going maintenance of commercial interiors throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We also see our company in serving a broader range of European clients and we are currently designing and working on projects in other countries of the EU. Among our clients are, in particular, the owners and operators of retail shops, finer restaurants, hotels, banks, etc.

The Integra Group is currently the largest supplier of business interiors in the Czech Republic. Our experience with the management of a large number of employees and the fact that we have a strong financial background has allowed us build up our company quickly with no loss of quality.

We are building up a company that provides the highest level of services to our clients and has no equal in the Czech Republic. We are a self-confident, strong company offering our clients a real partnership which can assure them that they will be receiving above-standard services and care. When you start to work with us, you will quickly be able to see how our performance meets our company’s client service objectives.

Aluminium windows, doors


  • We have our own production facilities for work with aluminum profiles.
  • This is why we are able to offer our clients both standard and custom shapes, as well as having the ability to deliver in the shortest possible timeframes.
  • We don’t waste time in the coordination of deliveries from unnamed subcontractors.
  • We deliver the best from our own facility.
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