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A small company is established, specializing in interior build-out and in particular drywall construction. The first contracts were for the private sector and for corporate clients.
This year saw Integra receive a contract that to a certain extent would determine the future direction of the company’s growth. The company participated in the building of the Spektrum Pr?honice shopping center. It was one of the first shopping centers of its type in the country. Integra was responsible for part of the interiors of four of the center’s tenants.
It becomes more-and-more apparent that the company’s area of specialization is retail interior. The company has become a key partner in the planning and execution of the shops of rapidly expanding retail chains (Kenvello, Janis Moda, Eiffel Optik and the Diva perfume shops). The company is expanding the range of services offered – it is not just limited to the build-out of interiors, it is now supplying clients with a full range of interior design and construction services. The company is now serving clients located throughout the Czech Republic.
The company completes the build-out of a significant number of the retail interiors of the Galerie Va?kovka shopping center in Brno. Out of a total of 130 retail units, the company was responsible for 16 of them. In the same year, the company was responsible for the completion of an, up to that time, record number of retail interiors in the Chodov shopping center. It becomes apparent that in the field of building-out retail facilities, the company will become the market leader.
The company purchases a production facility to produce aluminum shop fronts – windows and doors. We participate in the construction of 16 retail units in the OC Šestka shopping mall, 9 shops in the OC Let?any shopping mall and there is work in other centers (Tesco Let?any, Tesco Ostrava, Prior Ostrava and Novodvorská Plaza). This year sees Integra becomes a major design firm and project management company specializing in retail interiors.
In the project management and construction of retail interiors, Integra moves up to become the number one firm serving this market segment. The company moves into its own office building in Prague 6; it expands its production facilities; and, it participates in the design and build-out of between 10-15% of all new retail spaces going into shopping malls. In the prestigious Palladium shopping center, the company is responsible for 23 of the retail interiors.


emergency services


  • care of equipment estate
  • non-stop emergency service throughout the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic
Aluminium windows, doors


  • We have our own production facilities for work with aluminum profiles.
  • This is why we are able to offer our clients both standard and custom shapes, as well as having the ability to deliver in the shortest possible timeframes.
  • We don’t waste time in the coordination of deliveries from unnamed subcontractors.
  • We deliver the best from our own facility.
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