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Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Regular maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic

The regular maintenance of air-conditioning and ventilation systems throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The InService company provides service and maintenance availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for air-conditioning and ventilation systems located anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It has been our experience that regular inspections of air-handling and ventilation systems should be conducted at least 2x a year - in other words, before the start of the summer cooling season and before the start of the winter heating season. With this type of preventative approach to service and maintenance, the service life of such equipment can be extended and one can be confident that the equipment will be able to function as intended 100% of the time.

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Our specialized technicians handle all of the service and assembly work needed on air-handling and ventilation systems:

  • Assembly of residential and commercial in-the-wall air-conditioning units - (Split).
  • Complete supply of turnkey systems – including design proposals and the processing of project documentation for air-handling and ventilation systems for both residential (domestic) and highly complex industrial installations.
  • Changing of filters.
  • All related repair work.
  • Balancing of the air-handling system.
  • Refilling of refrigerants (cooling media).
  • Regular maintenance.
  • Emergency service work.
  • User training


We offer our clients a reliable and professional service that they can rely on – for individuals, companies, institutions.

Aluminium windows, doors


  • We have our own production facilities for work with aluminum profiles.
  • This is why we are able to offer our clients both standard and custom shapes, as well as having the ability to deliver in the shortest possible timeframes.
  • We don’t waste time in the coordination of deliveries from unnamed subcontractors.
  • We deliver the best from our own facility.
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